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Terms of delivery

Dear customer

  • I offer healthy bulbs of flowering size (in other case it will be shown in description of plant).
  • Delivery by airmail in July-October. Autumn flowering bulbs will be sent in July.
  • You may send the order by post or e-mail to your discretion.
  • All my constant customers pay for bulbs after parcel coming. You will receive e-mail invoice after parcel sending. New customers must pay preliminary.
  • The final day when an order will be taken is:
    - for autumn flowering Colchicum and Crocus - 15 July;
    - for Corydalis, Crocus, Erythronium, Fritillaria - 1 August;
    - for all other plants the final day is 1 September.
  • Some plants I do not sell by single bulbs. In this case near the price I put the quantity of bulbs which contains 1 packet. So this price is price for 1 packet. The wholesale discounts are the same, but 1 packet is equal 1 bulb.
  • You pay for phyto sanitary certificate (if needed) and postage.
  • Phyto-certificate costs in Lithuania 18,00 Euro.
  • For postage of parcels less O,50 kg weigh please add 12.00 Euro for Europe and 20.00 Euro for overseas;
  • Postage for large orders is equal my post expenses.
  • I am agree with any way of paying except credit cards.
  • Payment for large orders is possible on my bank account by transfer not later 30 days after invoice (please see the bank data below).
  • You can pay in any national currency with a rate of the day of the paying.
  • All your bank charges please take on your account.
  • It's difficult to determine exactly the future crop of every plant, so some alternative items in your order list should be useful, especially if you have a large order.
  • For plants marked in catalogue with fonts WP (Wholesale Price) I offer series of discounts. The list of discaunts see below.


Discounts for plants marked in the catalogue "WP" - "Wholesale Prise" !!!

10 bulbs and more of every plant - 10%
30 bulbs and more - 20 %
100 bulbs and more - 30 %
200 bulbs and more - special agreed price

Usakovams i Lietuvos taikomas iankstinis apmokjimas litais (katalogo kainas usienio valiuta praome konvertuoti litus pagal tos dienos banko kurs).
Pinigus siskite patu emiau nurodytu adresu.
Registruotas siuntinys bus Jums pristatytas patu. Pato ilaidas 10.00 Lt praome traukti bendr sskaita.


Leonid Bondarenko
Gelvonu 7-25
07140 Vilnius-10
Lietuva / Lithuania

AB SEB bankas, Vilniaus filialas
Address: Gedemino prosp.12, LT-01103 Vilnius
Bank code: 70440
VAT: T120212314
IBAN type account: LT237044060001441201

You write a cheque on my personal name: to Leonid Bondarenko


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