Lithuanian Rare Bulb Garden by Leonid Bondarenko

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My garden

  Hello, my friends!

   As rule, I never see your faces, but know that every my customer is true flower lover looking for impressions in the world of different, often new discovered or new selected decorative plants. Some people have rich experience in the growing of rare plants and history of long contacts with me. Other ones make first steps in this way, therefore I have come to conclusion that it were very useful to inform them not about history of my passion for rare plants and my professional ideas, but about my business and how looks my nursery now.

   It is a very small family business and really two persons are a staff of the nursery: I am and my wife Iraida. I am a boss, a worker, a dealer and my wife is my helper in all these roles.

   I am not a mediator between many special suppliers and customers and selling bulbs grown in my nursery only. Everybody who grows rare plants knows that risk is a constant accompaniment of this job, because every plant needs a special technology, which I have to look for many years with success or no. I write about because I even can't give 100 % guaranty that your order will be execute in full. In that case, you receive money paid for bulbs missed.

   I try to be interesting for specialists of high level and to offer every year some novelties. Investigation of wild flora and regular expeditions in different regions is a part of my work. Pity that Covid pandemic is now the main obstacles of my trips.

   Even my microscopic firm has own circle of work and a strict sequence of operation. For example, I can supply bulbs since end of August only up to beginning of October. It is understandable thing because I grow many plants in outdoors. Lithuania is a relatively Northern country and I take a crop later then in W European nurseries. Moreover, sometime a customer puts in order plants coming to dormant period in different time.

   Think I am not a suitable object for great wholesale buyers. My summary production is not big. A limited plot, which I am able to cultivate is limited by power I have and a great deficit of workers in Lithuania because of immigration. Only constant using of technics and special technology allow me to solve my production targets.

   Since 2020 year I tried to change methods of selling and create maximum comfortable conditions for ordering and payment. Sorry, my electronic shop was not perfect and hope that corrections (made with ideas of my customers too) helps me to offer a better variant.

   Welcome to Lithuanian rare bulb garden!

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